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  • The effect of a 1 hour aerobic run at 70-80% Max HR on CTx and P1NP biomarkers for bone turnover in physically trained and untrained premenopausal women M.A. Prowse * L.S. Berk * N.S. Daher * J.S. Petrofsky * S. Tonstad * S. Mohan * B. Haddock * L. Wilkin M.A Prowse * L.S. Berk * N. S. Daher * J.S. Petrofsky Schools of Allied Health Professions and Medicine, Loma Linda University, Anderson Street, Loma Linda, CA 92350, USA ( 7/2009 - 6/2010 )
  • The effect of an exercise and diet program on fitness, posture and self image in women. Jerrold Petrofsky,Jennifer Batt** Lee Berk Carol Schweichler** Daisuke Arai** Chelsea Conas** Jennifer Newell** Kelly Case** Krysten Keener** Gurinder Bains Bains MD Dept. of Physical Therapy, School of Allied Health Professions Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California And Dept. of Physical Therapy** Azusa Pacific University  Azusa, California ( 7/2009 - 6/2010 )
  • Fitness (VO2 Max) in a prediction model of bone formation P1NP in premenopausal women MICHELLE A. PROWSE1, LEE S. BERK1,2, NOHA S. DAHER1,3, JERROLD S. PETROFSKY1, BRYAN HADDOCK4 1School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA; 2School of Medicine, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA; 3Research and Statistics, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA; and 4California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA ( 7/2009 - 6/2010 )
  • Petrofsky, JS,  Lawson, D, Berk, L, Suh, H  Enhanced healing of diabetic foot ulcers using local heat and electrical stimulation for 30 minutes 3 times per week   submitted diabetes 2009 ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Petrofsky, JS., McClellen, K., Sharma, A., Prowse, M., Bains, G., Berk, L.  The effect of body fat , ageing and diabetes on vertical and shear pressure in and under a waist belt and it effect on blood flow.  Submitted diab tech ther. 2009 ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Petrofsky , J, Suh, H, Lawson, D, Berk, L. Enhanced healing of diabetic foot ulcers using local dry heat for 30 minutes 3 times per week: a pilot study.   Submitted Diab 1035 LB  2009 ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Stanley A Tan, Linda G Tan, Sharon T Lukman, Lee S Berk. "Humor-associated mirthful laughter, as an adjunct therapy in cardiac rehabilitation, attenuates catecholamines and myocardial infarction recurrence." Submitted  ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 ) Link... 
    Background: Catecholamines, especially epinephrine, are implicated in causing arrhythmias, hypertension, and recurrence of myocardial infarction (MI). Diminishing or blocking the effect of catecholamines is useful in cardiac rehabilitation. We have shown previously that a single one-hour episode of mirthful laughter attenuates epinephrine production. Design: We hypothesized that daily participation in mirthful laughter would diminish catecholamine production and improve cardiac rehabilitation. Methods: Forty-eight diabetic patients who had recent MI were randomly divided into two matched groups, and followed for one year in their cardiac rehabilitation programs. The experimental laughter group was asked to view self-selected humor for 30 minutes daily as an adjunct to their standard cardiac therapy. Blood pressure, urinary and plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine levels, and 24-hour Holter recordings were monitored monthly in both experimental and control groups. Results: The patients in the laughter group had fewer episodes of arrhythmias, lower blood pressure, lower urinary and plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine levels, less use of nitroglycerin for angina and a markedly lower incidence of recurrent MI (2/24, 8.3%) than did the control group (10/24, 42%) Conclusion: Laughter attenuates catecholamines and MI recurrence, and thus can be an effective adjunct in post-MI care.
  • The Effects of Simultaneous Technique of Exercise and Psychotherapy (STEP) on Depressive Symptoms in Inpatient Psychiatric Older Adults, Son D. Nguyen, DrPH, PsyD, Helen H. Marshak, PhD, Lee Berk, DrPH, Paul McMahon, PhD, and Matt Riggs, PhD   to be submitted for publication 2009 ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  •  Microvascular function after a single high-fat meal in healthy Asians and Caucasians  Chumjit Charasuraisin, Jerrold Petrofsky, Lee Berk, Susanne Montgomery, David Shavlik, Wilton Remigio, Richard Hubbard.  Submitted to Thai J of Nutrition  ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Charasuraisin, C, Berk, L, Petrofsky, JSMontgomery, S., Shavlik, D., Remigio, W.  Acute effect of a single high-fat meal on forearm blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate in healthy male Asians and Caucasians (2008).  Submitted to Med Sci Monit. ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Petrofsky, JS., Bains,G., Berk, L.,  Raju, C.,  Gunda, S., Madani, P., Kim, Y. Interactions between skin temperature, skin moisture and skin blood flow (2008) submitted Med Sci Monit. ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Petrofsky, JS, Bains, G., Chinna, R., Lohman, E., Berk, L., Prowse, M., Gunda, S.,   Madani, P, Batt, J  (2008)  Moist vrs Dry heat as determinates of the blood flow response of the skin   submitted Med Sci Monit ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )
  • Tan L., Tan S., Berk, L., Lukman, L.  Irbesartan Reduces Norepinephrine, IL-6, and C-Reactive Protein, Regresses Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Improves Ejection Fraction in Post-MI Diabetic Patients.  Submitted Advances in Coronary Artery Disease ( 0/2008 - 0/2009 )



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